CoC Programs

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The Continuum of Care includes a continuum of homeless housing and services programs designed to meet the individualized needs of homeless people across the region.  These programs include street outreach, emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, wrap around services providers, mainstream supports, employment and health care services, and housing services for homeless Veterans.

Coordinated Entry System

Coordinated Entry System (CES) streamlines the process of finding housing for those individuals, families, and youth who are homeless with the goal of housing the most vulnerable people first.

Our region’s CES  is structured to comply with HUD requirements including multiple points of access and respect for participant’s privacy.

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

HMIS is an internet-based database that is used by homeless service organizations across Central Florida to record and store client-level information about the numbers, characteristics and needs of homeless persons and those at risk of homelessness. HMIS is guided by data standards created by HUD.

Landlord Services

The only true solution to homelessness is permanent housing. Thus, landlords are one of the most important partners in the CoC’s homeless service system.  Landlord services staff work with landlords to identify available units for families, chronically homeless individuals, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, unaccompanied youth and veterans.

COPE Events

COPE, or the Cost of Poverty Experience, is designed to help participants begin to understand what it is like to live as a typical low-income family in the United States. It is based on real stories and created alongside those who have lived with these daily struggles. We invite you to watch this short video that will provide more insight about COPE.

Neighbors Stories

To help educate the community, we tell the stories of our neighbors experiencing homelessness through text and video. Learn more about their experiences by reading stories and watching videos about them below.

Stories of our Neighbors – Text

Through text, we tell the powerful stories of our neighbors. Learn more about them by reading their stories below.

Cheryl’s Story

Cheryl’s Story

"I’m normal again." Cheryl was living on the streets and staying in an abandoned building in Kissimmee. She was addicted to drugs, and her health was fading. She has cirrhosis of the liver, and after going to the doctor for treatment, she learned that she also has...

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Antonio’s Story

Antonio’s Story

Antonio takes pride in working. He had two jobs; one as a clerk at 7-Eleven and another as a mover with North American Van Lines. He could take care of himself and didn’t have to ask anyone for help. That all changed after a life-altering car accident. Antonio injured...

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Stories of our Neighbors – Video

Video is one of the most effective mediums we have to tell stories. Watch the impactful stories of our neighbors below.