What We Do

We work in a variety of ways alongside leaders in the faith, business, government and nonprofit communities in Central Florida. Learn more about how we are generating change within our community to make homelessness rare, brief and a one-time event.


We work alongside organizations in Central Florida to provide a system of care for individuals, families and youth experiencing homelessness in the tri-county area.


We share the stories of individuals, youth, and families struggling with homelessness and educate our community through simulations and new findings.


Sound data and facts drive the work we do. We support the development and dissemination of the latest findings on the state of homelessness in Central Florida.


We support initiatives within our community and government in order to create effective change for our most vulnerable neighbors here in Central Florida.


We seek support from all sectors of our community to house and care for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. We need you to help support the pieces the government cannot.