Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill was born October 3, 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio. By the time Aaron was 13, his family had moved to 6 different states before settling down in Pensacola, FL. He was then raised by his single mother. Who worked 3 jobs to make ends meet for Aaron and his older sister. Aaron entered into the work force at age 14, where he could help the family put food on the table, and help towards expenses for school. He was also a great athlete, and loved being on the Football field. Even though living below the poverty level, his mother was able to put both her kids though Pensacola Catholic High School, in which he graduated in 1996. However, with the many harsh realities of life, and growing up poor, he found himself homeless at the age of 20 in San Francisco, CA. He survived by couch surfing, and was taken in by a Jewish Rabbi until Aaron could get his life straight. While sleeping on the Rabbi’s couch, he found work selling cars at a local Cadillac Dealership in Menlo Park, CA. Aaron knew this was his opportunity to make his life better, so he put everything he could into his work.

His first year selling cars, age 21, Aaron became the 3rd highest ranked Cadillac salesperson in the country. His success continued to grow from there, and moved back to Pensacola, FL a couple years later. He joined Sandy Sansing Nissan/Chevy/BMW, where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder. He was promoted to Finance/Sales Manager at age 25, and then General Manager for Nissan at age 28. While under Aaron’s leadership, the Sandy Sansing Nissan reached many levels of success, including the first dealership in the US to receive the Global Award, rating the two best dealerships in the country, as well as the top 2 worldwide.At age 34, Aaron moved to Orlando, FL to join Reed Nissan as the GeneralManager/Managing Partner. Reed Nissan is the 19th oldest Nissan dealership in the country. Aaron once again, was able to continue his success, and in 2014, Reed Nissan was the #1 Volume Nissan Dealership in the USA. While sales volume is important, Aaron prides himself most on customer satisfaction, and every year Aaron has been with Nissan, his dealership has won the Circle of Excellence Award, which is given to the highest ranked Customer Service dealerships in the County. In 2017, Reed Nissan was also a Global Award winner, the most prestigious award Nissan offers. With Aaron’s success and leadership, the Reed Group expanded, and opened up Reed Nissan Clermont in 2015. Shortly after that, he helped formed Reed Insurance, which has 2 Orlando locations as well.

After a career of success, and achieving every award and honor that is possible in the Automotive Sales environment, Aaron decided it was time to start giving back. He also learned that the satisfaction he receives for giving back to the community, far surpasses any sales goal he ever achieved. In 2014, Aaron created the www.FriendinReed.com Foundation. He had a meeting with his partners, and the decided with every vehicle they sell, to set money aside and donate to 3 very special projects that the Reed owners made. The Reed Nissan 90 Day Adoptathon, helps place over 2000 shelter pets at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, into forever homes, backed by a TV campaign written and starred by Aaron himself. The Reed Nissan Hope Project, which sponsors homeless families and individuals who were cared for in Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, move into permanent housing. Lastly, the Reed Nissan Cars for Kids Project, which honors two foster youths who reached the age of 18, and cared by Community Based Care of Central Florida, that were never adopted. Reed Nissan gives them each a brand new Nissan to start their adult life. Aaron also mentors foster youth living at the Greater Oaks Village. Aaron teaches and helps motivates the Public Allies class yearly, located at Community Based Care. Aaron also volunteers and serves on several boards in Orlando. He is a current board member for Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, He was President of the Association for the Vue at Lake Eola, now serves on the Finance Committee. He is a current Board Member for Central Florida Commission on Homeless, and also serves as the Co-Chair of the Youth Homeless Committee. Aaron’s story from being a troubled youth turned into a successful career, has brought a lot of attention, and Aaron has been invited to be the keynote motivational speaker at a wide variety of events, from small classrooms, to large Fortune 500 Company yearly meetings. Aaron has been honored with many community awards and nominations in Orlando for the work that he has done. In 2015, he received the Don Quijote Hispanic Community Champion Award, given by Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando. He was nominated as Community Volunteer of the Year Award in 2015 by United Way. In 2017 he was honored with two huge awards, the Corporate Philanthropy Award from the Orlando Business Journal, the Corporate and Foundation Engagement Philanthropy Award given by the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Central Florida. In 2018, The Urban league if Central Florida honored him with the Cornerstone Award for Youth Empowerment.

When Aaron is not working at one of his businesses, or attending a community event, you will more than likely find him in the gym. Even with all the hours he puts into his work, or time he volunteers, he finds the time every day to make it to the gym, or doing something fitness related. His biggest philosophy on life is ͞No Excuses͟ and proves that on a daily basis. His diet is just as strict, and has 7 prepared meals every day. Aaron loves all sports, but mostly the San Francisco 49ers, where he formed the local Orlando 49er fan club, and of course serves as their President. Aaron’s favorite past time however, is Auto Circuit Racing, where he holds an SCCA Competition Race Car license, and races a purpose built Prototype Race Car all over the US, that races in the SCCA’s fastest and most engineered and developed class, P1. His racing lifestyle very much matches his life, very fast paced, and very hard to keep up.