Our Vision

We are committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness in Central Florida – making homelessness for our neighbors rare, brief and a one-time event.

How We Help

Through research, strategic policy development, collaborative leadership engagement, and high-impact community outreach, the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness has made significant headway in informing and inspiring our tri-county region (Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties) to act on the issues facing those experiencing chronic homelessness, families, and individuals experiencing episodic homelessness, and unaccompanied youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with volunteering?

Whether you are an individual or part of a larger group, we would love your help in making homelessness in Central Florida rare, brief and one-time. Click below to sign-up to volunteer.


How else can I help?

Whether you are able to donate your time, skills, funds or material goods, we would love to work with you. Click the DONATE button below, or email us at events@cfchomelessness.org to share how you can help us impact homelessness in Central Florida.


I'm homeless. Where can I go for help?
There are a number of resources available to you across the tri-county region. For a comprehensive list, please visit our resources page for more information.

CFCH Resources and Support

Our Mission

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness convenes nonprofits, faith-based institutions, government entities, philanthropic initiatives, businesses and other charitable and community organizations to develop a shared vision and implement agreed upon community-based solutions.

We believe that the identified solutions our region needs can be found in the collective wisdom and passion of all the stakeholders that care about homelessness.

We believe that through these activities and a concerted collective effort of elected officials, business leaders, leaders in the faith community, and nonprofit leaders, we can address and impact a complex, large-scale social problem affecting Central Florida.

We believe that by working collaboratively, we can create a modern, efficient, coordinated and compassionate system of care that is focused on housing and appropriate care.

We bring leadership from each sector of the community together to identify what best practices are most effective at making homelessness rare, brief and one-time. We then identify the gaps in activity and develop creative solutions to fill those gaps.

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness supports jurisdictions within the region (Orange, Osceola Seminole, and large cities in the region such as Kissimmee, Orlando, and Sanford) to create and implement a plan of action to address homelessness within their jurisdictional boundaries that align with regional recommendations.